We have decades of experience lobbying for a variety of interests that span from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies to non-profits and small businesses.


We understand the operations of our clients as well as their government affairs needs which helps us improve the bottom line and operations respectively.


We partner with leading public affairs, digital marketing and creative teams to provide the full breadth of services of larger firms, yet often at much better rates.


Having helped to create and launch the Copyright Alliance for our client, MPAA, we have shown how our coalition development skills have lasting success.

About us

Bringing a creative edge to traditional lobbying!

R2P Strategies specializes in intellectual property and entertainment, drawing on decades of experience in media, business, tech, and other issues before the Judiciary and Commerce committees.

Federal Lobbying

Cindi Merifield’s career in Washington began by working with Senator Don Nickles, former Republican Assistant Majority Leader from the State of Oklahoma, as his legislative/legal assistant. When she left Capitol Hill, she became Director of Federal Lobbying for the American Medical Association.  She was then recruited by the Motion Picture Association of America to work with Jack Valenti, one of the most legendary figures in Washington. While at MPAA, Cindi worked with Mr. Valenti to develop the Television Ratings System, helped to pass landmark copyright legislation, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Copyright Term Extension and helped to launch the precurser to the Copyright Alliance, the Copyright Assembly. Cindi later left the MPAA to head to Public Strategies, Inc. where she became a Managing Director and worked with Mark McKinnon and Governor Ann Richards. When Senator Nickles retired from the Senate in 2005, Cindi and her two other former colleagues from the Nickles office, were founding partners of The Nickles Group along with Senator Nickles. After ten years of partnership, Cindi decided to pursue a long-time dream of owning her own business and launched R2P Strategies which is in its fifth year of operation.

Strategic Advice

Cindi incorporates strategic advice and counsel to her work with clients. Having formed long-term relationships with clients spanning over a decade in several cases, Cindi learns the operations of the business as well as their government affairs needs and helps to improve the bottom line and operations as well.  On occasion, a client will not need to lobby Congress directly, but will need to understand how Congress works, what is happening and how it could impact their business and Cindi has successfully navigated and advised clients over the decades. 

Integrated Campaigns

During her time at Public Strategies, Cindi Merifield worked closely with public affairs, marketing, events and other creative minds to deliver an integrated approach for their clients.  Cindi has learned not only to appreciate those talents and fields but feels that this approach, when possible, is the most effective. Cindi partners with leading public affairs, digital marketing and creative teams to provide the full breath of services that larger firms can provide, yet often at much better rates. 

Coalition Development

Having helped to create at Jack Valenti’s behest, the original organization, The Copyright Assembly then later the Copyright Alliance, Cindi has shown her coalition development work can have lasting success.  Entering its 12th year, the Copyright Alliance has now testified multiple times before Congress, helped to pass copyright legislation and is the leading voice on copyright issues in Washington. Cindi also created and launched an organization and campaign called PauseParentPlay where she eventually served as Executive Director. PauseParentPlay was formed as a public/private partnership to help educate and serve as a resource for parents on the multiple ratings platforms such as the movie, television, video games industries.

Stakeholder Training

Cindi Merifield is also available for stakeholder training through her offshoot, R2P2 where she teaches others the trade of lobbying. Steeped in respect for the First Amendment right to “petition the government for redress of grievances,” Cindi brings her decades of experience and success to corporate fly-ins, stakeholders and constituent groups to pave the way for success in their own advocacy efforts in Washington. 


Cindi is unique in Washington lobbying circles as she thinks creatively and innovatively.  Cindi believes that the days of only direct conversations and meetings with staff and Members are a thing of the past.  She knows that telling the story is important, who tells the story and how you tell it makes a difference and she believes that passion and sincerity is one of her biggest strengths. Looking at Hill challenges with a creative eye and never giving up has been a hallmark of Cindi’s lobbying experience. 


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